© Fraunhofer IAP, Andreas Holländer
Taking a sample for analyzing the reason for the failure of a coating.
Adhesive failure in furniture part
© Fraunhofer IAP, Andreas Holländer
Adhesive failure in a furniture part. Why did the adhesive fail?
LED material test
© Fraunhofer IAP, Andreas Holländer
Exposure of potting compound materials to LED light. Why did the resin fail?

Failures appeared in the prints on your packaging film?


There are stains on some of your parts coming out of production. They don’t look nice or they cause failures in following production steps?


The adhesive joint of your parts fails under some conditions during application?


There can be many reasons for complaints by your customers. Is there something wrong with your product?


Has your supplier changed a recipe or is there something wrong in your production line?


We can help and support you in finding answers based on scientific data. Our experts in various fields of polymer science and technology and a broad range of analytical tools and testing equipment are available to help you saving costs if something does not work as it is supposed to. Our support can range from advice, sampling, analysis and testing to a complete analysis of the situation including suggestions for improvements.